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Custom Creations for Any Occasion
Let's bake your dreams come true with your very own custom set of sugar cookies designed specifically for your next event. From shapes and colors, we can design a set of sugar cookies that will take your party to the next level. Our price per dozen starts at $40 and goes up based on design and detail levels.

Use this inquiry form to tell me a little bit more about your order. Once your inquiry is submitted, I'll reach out to you to confirm details, collect payment, and get started!

Please note that I cannot create any copyrighted images
on your custom cookies (i.e. Disney characters).
dozens start at $40 and go up wth detail. Does this work?

Thank you! I will get in touch with you soon!.

Note: this is just an informational form - this does NOT confirm your order, nor does it collect payment. Just a quick way for us to get to know what you're looking for with your custom cookie set! 

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